What is Sunshine Online?

Sunshine Online is a print and online literacy and early numeracy program. It has been designed to help children aged 4 to 10+ learn to read and develop the skills needed for continuing reading independence and success. The website also uses maths stories to develop skills and understandings in early numeracy.

A Research-Based Program

Sunshine Online has been developed by one of New Zealand’s leading educational publishers, Sunshine Books. Over the past 25 years many thousands of children around the world have learnt to read using Sunshine Books. The literacy materials featured in Sunshine Online have been the focus of many international research projects – all clearly highlighting the success these materials have in advancing children’s literacy acquisition.

Students Love Using Sunshine Online!

Sunshine Online features over 650 e-books (most of them animated) along with 1000 fun, interactive activities and games. Students are engaged and don’t even know they are learning. They are just having fun! Each student is able to work at their own pace and at an appropriate level with success and achievement being the motivation for more!

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A Growing Resource

Exciting new content is regularly added to Sunshine Online making it a HUGE online library! Start using Sunshine Online today. Sign up for your 2-week FREE TRIAL now!
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