Give Your Child a Head Start in Reading and Maths

Every parent wants their child to do well at school and to develop a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy. Success in reading and maths is essential for your child’s ongoing achievement and confidence. Sunshine Online will help your child learn to read and develop important skills as they become independent readers.

How is the Program Organised?

The website is divided into three Learning Spaces so that your child can work at a space and level that is appropriate for them.

Learning Space 1: Ages 4-5, Emergent Readers


The initial part of the program is aimed at pre-schoolers and the first year of school. Here your child will learn about the alphabet and 48 essential high-frequency words and begin their reading journey with simple, repetitive stories.


The emergent level maths e-books introduce early maths concepts and skills as well as maths language. Engaging interactive activities and games further explore the mathematical ideas introduced through the e-books.

Learning Space 2: Ages 5-7, Early Reader


Here the stories become more complex as your child develops reading and writing skills. Your child is also learning about the sounds – letter blends and word families – to help with both reading and spelling.


The early level maths e-books continue to explore the language, concepts and skills from the content strands of Number and Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Measurement and Geometry.

Learning Space 3: Ages 7-10+, Fluent Reader


Here your child will be developing greater reading fluency and independence and there is a move from learning to read to reading to learn. The stories at this level are reasonably complex and the activities offer your child many opportunities to demonstrate their comprehension and practise writing and spelling.


The fluent level maths e-books explore more complex concepts and skills.

Sunshine Online is Fun!

Animated and interactive, Sunshine Online is a fun place to learn! Children can work at their own pace and level and are engaged and motivated. Success builds success and confidence. A Sunshine Online App is available from the iTunes store for iPad.

Tried and Tested

Sunshine Online has been developed by Sunshine Books, one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most trusted educational publishers. The literacy resources developed by Sunshine Books have been used in primary schools here and around the world, teaching children to read. Now for the first time these same resources are available for parents to use at home!

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