An Essential Digital Literacy Program

Sunshine Online offers schools the very best in animated and interactive digital content for literacy and early numeracy. The content supports the National Curriculum and effectively combines print with multimodal texts. Animated and interactive, Sunshine Online offers an extensive digital learning environment with quality content for use in classroom literacy and numeracy programs.
Sunshine Online is available free to New Zealand Schools through a Grant Application to the Pye Foundation. Click here to apply

How is the Website Organised?

Sunshine Online has three distinct Learning Spaces for Emergent, Early and Fluent readers. The spaces are further divided into literacy, alphabet, words, phonics and numeracy.

Emergent, Levels 1-5


At the emergent level, the focus is on letter names and sounds, high-frequency words and beginning reading and writing skills. The texts are simple and repetitive with supportive illustrations.


The emergent level maths e-books introduce early maths concepts and skills as well as maths language. Engaging interactive activities and games further explore the mathematical ideas introduced through the e-books.

Early, Levels 6-15


The early level features fiction and non-fiction e-books, with the student practising letter blends and word families. The interactive activities focus on comprehension, writing, phonics and word knowledge.


The early level maths e-books continue to explore the language, concepts and skills from the content strands of Number and Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Measurement and Geometry.

Fluent, Levels 16-30


The e-books at this level include early bridging paperbacks through to novels. The interactive activities explore the texts further with a focus on comprehension, grammar, spelling, writing and fluency.


The fluent level maths e-books explore more complex concepts and skills.

Teacher Support Materials


There is a separate section on Sunshine Online called the Staffroom. Here teachers can access overview skill charts and the teaching notes and BLMs for the featured e-books on the website. This support material makes classroom planning easy and supports teachers in effectively linking print and technology.

Classroom Use

With over 650 e-books and 1000 interactive activities and games, Sunshine Online offers a substantial classroom resource for use on interactive whiteboards or classroom computers and netbooks.

For shared reading using an IWB, your school would effectively have over 620 digital big books! Animation, voice over support, text highlighting, links to video clips, related interactive activities – all make this a “wow” resource that will excite, engage and motivate your students.

A Sunshine Online App is available from the iTunes store for iPad.

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