Read what teachers are saying about Sunshine Online.

General Comments

“Sunshine Online is an amazing website that is integrated into our daily classroom programme. Teachers use the stories as a shared. It is great for differentiated learning because each group can read stories that are appropriate to their level and then complete the blackline master activities available in the Staffroom. The online activities such as “Lettergetter” “Wordslurper” and “MightyWriter” support the students to read for meaning and understanding. It is easy to integrate reading into maths because there are stories available for the different strands.

The “Bookshelf” is great to use for SSR or as a follow-up activity. We use the bookshelf when we are covering certain topics as many non-fiction books are available on the bookshelf. We use the Sunshine Online website constantly for our ESOL students. The older students feel more comfortable reading an easy book online rather than holding an emergent book in their hand. Macleans Primary thoroughly enjoys Sunshine Online.”

Angelique Wendzich, Associate Principal, Macleans Primary School

“Sunshine Online is the primary online resource used within our junior school. It provides an outstanding range of literacy and maths activities. Our students love it and it is their ‘go to site’. Sunshine Online is used throughout the day, supporting literacy and numeracy. We are impressed by the massive selection of targeted and engaging activities.

I use the overview of stories and skills/knowledge to help construct my long-term plan of big book coverage. It is detailed and allows me to match a Sunshine Online big book to the reading focus I have set for the week.

There are a huge number of software online options marketed to support literacy and numeracy. We have never found one that can compete with the price, ease of use, engagement factor and range of activities and content. It’s our favourite for good reason. Congratulations to the sunshine online team for providing such a versatile and outstanding resource.”

Karen Huffadine, Junior Team Leader and DP, Cromwell Primary School

“Cockle Bay School teachers, particularly the junior school, utilise Sunshine Online for their engaging, motivating and fun reading activities. It has become part of our Reading Programme, as it helps our learners to develop and consolidate their knowledge, skills and strategies. Our students love it !”

Marie Todd, Assistant Principal, Cockle Bay School

“Springlands School has been using Sunshine Online for the last 5 years. During this time our students have loved the books and activities that support the classroom literacy programmes. The ebooks are levelled and easy to access.

Sunshine Online also has maths stories with activities to support the mathematical curriculum. Children can access this at school or at home and we would recommend it as an excellent resource to promote a love of reading and maths. ”

Claire Hutchison, Teacher Springlands School