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Sunshine Online offers every child the very best of animated and interactive learning in literacy and maths! Sunshine Online makes learning to read fun and engaging for all children, from beginners through to independent readers.

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Over 650 levelled e-books and 1000 interactive activities and games that focus on phonics, comprehension, fluency, spelling and writing. Maths stories and activities to help children learn essential early maths concepts and skills. Start using Sunshine Online today. Sign up for your 2-week FREE TRIAL now!

Sunshine Online App Now Available!

A Sunshine Online App is available from the iTunes store for iPad.

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Sunshine Online – An Essential Digital Literacy Program

Sunshine Online offers schools the very best in animated and interactive digital content for literacy and early numeracy. The content supports the New Zealand Curriculum and effectively combines print with multimodal texts. Animated and interactive, Sunshine Online offers an extensive digital learning environment with quality content for use in classroom literacy and numeracy programs.

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Give Your Child a Head Start in Reading and Maths

Every parent wants their child to do well at school and to develop a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy. Success in reading and maths is essential for your child’s ongoing achievement and confidence. Sunshine Online will help your child learn to read and develop important skills as they become independent readers.

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