Sunshine Online Education

Online Education

Sunshine Online is based on a real literacy and maths program – delivered digitally! The e-book is the first focus, followed by interactive activities that explore a range of skills from the text. The program is supported by phonics e-books and activities, games, songs, raps and rhymes. The e-books are narrated to support the reader.

Sunshine in Schools

Sunshine in Schools

The e-books are levelled so that teachers can choose where to start children who are then motivated to progress through the levels. A year-long study showed that Sunshine increased the literacy skills of children in the early years of schooling, regardless of the student’s ethnicity, entrance reading level or gender.

Sunshine at Home

Sunshine at Home

Parents can use the content as a library for their children to practise reading and navigate independently through skills activities and games. These activities follow every e-book and focus on the skills of phonics, comprehension, fluency, vocabulary and writing.

Program Features

Sunshine Online has three distinct Learning Spaces for Emergent, Early and Fluent readers.

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There are over 600 fiction and non-fiction e-books that can be used for literacy learning and practice with hundreds of skills activities, as well as project-based inquiry for STEAM writing and research.

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26 Alphabet e-books for emergent readers provide a comprehensive introduction to the building blocks of language.

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There are 24 Letter Combination and 32 Word Family e-books for early readers. This represents, with the alphabet e-books, a comprehensive phonics program of texts, interactive activities and lesson plans.

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These short animated explanations teach grammar points and parts of speech in a fun way. Upon completion, children get a certificate or trophy to reward their learning.

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Letters and Words

These activities teach the alphabetic principle. Children learn to recognise the names and initial sounds of the letters and practise 48 high-frequency words in context.

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91 e-books covering 22 levels introduce mathematics within the context of engaging stories to link literacy and numeracy. Lesson plans and animated and interactive activities complete the package.

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Songs and Rhymes

Fifteen songs and an alphabet rap, with music and words for children to sing along to.

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Game Zone

The games and activities entertain children, while they learn about the sounds of the language.

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"Sunshine Online is the primary online resource used within our junior school. It provides an outstanding range of literacy and maths activities. Our students love it and it is their ‘go to site’. Sunshine Online is used throughout the day, supporting literacy and numeracy. We are impressed by the massive selection of targeted and engaging activities."

"Sunshine Online is an amazing website that is integrated into our daily classroom programme. Teachers use the stories as a shared. It is great for differentiated learning because each group can read stories that are appropriate to their level and then complete the blackline master activities available in the Staffroom."

"Cockle Bay School teachers, particularly the junior school, utilise Sunshine Online for their engaging, motivating and fun reading activities. It has become part of our Reading Programme, as it helps our learners to develop and consolidate their knowledge, skills and strategies. Our students love it!"

“Springlands School has been using Sunshine Online for the last 5 years. During this time our students have loved the books and activities that support the classroom literacy programmes. The ebooks are levelled and easy to access."